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Buyer and Seller "Hangups"

Buying or Selling your Oklahoma Real Estate is complicated enough; some Buyers and Sellers further complicate things by getting "hung up" on certain details and failing to see the "bigger picture".

To ensure that your Real Estate transaction goes smoothly, try to avoid these pitfalls.

Buyer Hangups

  1. Maintaining unrealistic expectations. Some buyers wonít lower their price expectations even when they canít afford the house of their dreams. It happens most often when they relocate from a less expensive or older market. Prices can be higher than you expect possibly because of proximity to the city, Interstate, cultural and community activities.

  2. Judging a house by its facade. Some buyers refuse to step inside a house if they donít like the exterior. Always take a look so you can use it as a base for comparison when you look at other homes.

  3. Making minor repairs. Donít pass up purchasing a home with worn carpeting and loose bathtub caulking. Are you willing to walk away from your dream house for minor expenses like broken tile? By covering these expenses yourself youíll get the work done how you want it. Let me negotiate these terms out for you in your offer.

  4. Ignoring value. Many buyers look for the perfect house and ignore a good value that satisfies their criteria. Ask me to provide comparable sales for the area, which is typically done for sellers. The analysis may reveal comparable houses at a higher price.

Seller Hangups

  1. Holding out for the big bucks. Some clients believe their home should be priced higher than comparable dwellings in the area because of cosmetic improvements theyíve made. Sellers need to understand that buyers wonít pay more just because new carpet or a higher grade of carpet was just installed. Remember...maintaining your home in good condition is normal. You will attract more buyers to a well maintained home if it is priced right.

  2. Rebuffing repairs. Sellers who balk at correcting problems uncovered during an inspection or noted in disclosures fail to put the cost of the work in perspective. When sellers resist, remember...the goal is to close! Remember...the next buyerís demands could be more costly.

  3. Not leaving during showings. Buyers canít freely discuss pros and cons when the seller wonít leave the home for showings. The buyers feel like a guest rather than potential owners. Drive around while the Realtor shows...

  4. Not keeping the home in order. Most sellers know the marketing value of a squeaky clean and tidy house. When the home is not tidy, the prospective buyers may perceive that structural problems lurk beneath grime and clutter. Remember... you only get one chance to make a good impression. Also clutter will cause the buyers to bid low.

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